Agenda – The Ai Presidential CEO Investment Summit and Awards – 29 January 2016

This Ai-AUC-NEPAD Summit is an exclusive, high-level gathering of senior business leaders and investors, from across Africa and globally in support of the African Union Commission’s engagement with investment. The Summit will also convene the dialogue between the Heads of State participating in the Presidential Infrastructure Champions Initiative (PICI) and the Leadership Council of the African Union’s newly-established Continental Business Network (CBN) on the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), focusing on how to develop and finance critical regional infrastructure projects in Africa. This CEO-level invitation-only forum will be held annually during the January African Union Heads of State and Government Summit. The recommendations emerging from the Summit will influence the agenda for action plans championed at the Presidential level with Regional Economic Communities, NEPAD and the African Union Commission related to infrastructure, private sector development and intra-African investment.

29 January 2016


Summit Registration


Delegates seated, room closed


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Africa investor (Ai)-African Union Commission (AUC) High-
Level Leadership Dialogue on Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

The Ai-African Union Commission (AUC) High-Level Leadership Dialogue on Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship is jointly organised by Africa investor (Ai) and the AUC. The panel will foster a dialogue between business and government leaders on the eve of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit. The AUC will engage panellists on their vision for the implementation of Agenda 2063 and their commitment to economic development through the support of women empowerment through private sector and entrepreneurship development in Africa. The central theme will address the role and partnerships that the AUC would like to advance with the business and investment community in Africa.


Presidential Panel on the Business and the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)

Leaders at the 18th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, which took place in January 2012, endorsed a plan to set up a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) by 2017. The proposed CFTA would be a key component of the AU’s strategy to boost trade within the region by a minimum of 25-30% over the next decade. This session will engage Heads of State as champions to accelerate the implementation of this agenda.


Networking Break


Presidential Panel on Partnering African Pension and Sovereign Wealth Fund Capital and Intra-African Capital Market Investing

Mobilising African domestic capital and facilitating capital flows in Africa remains a high priority agenda for the continent’s economic growth agenda. Africa investor and NEPAD have hosted Forums to convene African pension and sovereign wealth funds in this regard and have seen the Ai Sovereign Co-Investment Platform emerge in support of this effort. This session will engage Heads of State as champions to accelerate the participation of international and African pension, sovereign wealth, and strategic investment funds in support of infrastructure and capital market investing on the continent.


Presidential Panel on Investing in Agribusiness

The African Union and NEPAD have been at the forefront of driving the agribusiness agenda through Grow Africa. This session will review progress on its priority projects and engage Heads of State as champions to accelerate the unlocking of Africa’s agribusiness assets and investment opportunities.


Heads of State Investment Working Lunch

13h00-14h15 – CBN-PICI Heads of State Dialogue

This session builds on the Business Statement to African Heads of State and government, on behalf of business leaders, in support of the Continental Business Network (CBN), which was initiated by the Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee during the Dakar Financing Summit, and launched in Cape Town in June. This session will initiate the dialogue between the Presidential Infrastructure Champions Initiative (PICI) Heads of State and the CBN’s Leadership Council, proposing specific action areas for joint priority partnerships aimed at developing and financing PIDA and regional infrastructure investments in Africa.


14h15-15h00 – NEPAD Presidential Dialogue on Integrating
Business, Entrepreneurship and SME Development in the HSGOC Work Plan

During the 24th Summit of the African Union, African Heads of State adopted Agenda 2063 as the AU’s strategy to guide the continent’s growth and global engagement for the next 50 years. The NEPAD Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee (HSGOC) is playing a critical role in driving the implementation of Agenda 2063. This session will convene business and government leaders to discuss priority areas for business engagement, define the role of business in the HSGOC Work Plan, and the practical steps that Heads of State can champion to improve the business environment to unleash development and job creation potential for SMEs and entrepreneurs.


Networking Break


Presidential Panel on Infrastructure and Energy Investing

Infrastructure investment has a catalytic impact across all Africa’s productive sectors. This session will set forth constructive roadmaps on required government actions to accelerate the delivery of energy and enabling infrastructure to create jobs, build skills and boost Africa’s competitiveness. It will engage Heads of State as champions to partner with business to accelerate the implementation of this critical agenda.


Presidential Business Roundtable on ICT and Innovation

Africa has demonstrated that the continent can lead the world in mobile technologies and innovations, such as the mobile money phenomenon M-PESA. This session will convene business and government leaders to discuss proposals and partnerships capable of further creating jobs and greater efficiencies through ICT and innovation. It will engage Heads of State as champions to accelerate the implementation of the innovation agenda.


The Business-Government Compact and its Priority Areas of Collaboration: The Way Forward to 2017

This session will present the Summit’s priority areas of collaboration between business and Heads of State, framing the required focus action areas that will be taken forward during the year. The results will be presented at the 2017 Summit.


Africa investor (Ai) Presidential Champions Awards 2016

Africa’s continued development and prosperity is closely linked to high levels of good governance but extraordinary commitments from Heads of State as Champions of specific catalytic activities and sectors. These unique Ai Awards recognise African Heads of State, who have provided exemplary leadership and acted as champions, and business leaders acting as ambassadors, using their corporate platforms to promote African economic development.


Africa investor (Ai) Cocktail Reception